Pay Per Lead Social Media

How many new cosmetic patients do you want?

Playing to our strengths

How much would you pay for a new dental implant, veneers or cosmetic patient? £100, £150 or £200? These high value patients are key to profitably growing your dental practice.

Unfortunately, most dental practices are not skilled at acquisition based social media.

These social media campaigns tend to be ad hoc, lack focus and are not properly targeted.

You only pay for leads for patients

It is against this backdrop and our confidence in our social media marketing expertise that we offer pay-for-performance social media marketing.

What we do is we use our money to do your social media on your dental practice’s behalf.

We research, set-up and manage your paid Facebook campaigns. You only pay if you get leads.

We can’t be fairer than that.

How it works

  • We set up a bespoke landing page on your website for the social media campaign FREE of charge
  • 02

    We set up the Facebook campaign and do the audience targeting FREE of charge

  • 03

    The enquiries from the landing page come straight to you to call back

  • 04

    You only pay us if someone completes the form or call the number.

How much do you pay?

In our experience most dentist convert 1-in-3 leads into a fee paying patient. Based on this we charge £40 per completed form or telephone call.

That means you should be acquiring new patients for £120 each. We are sure you would agree that £120 for a new dental implant patient worth £2000+ is a very cost effective cost per acquisition.

How do you track telephone calls?

In our experience there is 1 telephone call for every 3 form completions.

Therefore, if you had 15 form completions in a month then you are charged for 5 phone calls too. Obviously we work with you to track these.

What do you need to do?

If you would like to know more about our service, simply complete the contact form below or call us now on 0203 004 9494.

We can talk you through the mechanics as well as put you in touch with dentists who can prove it is working for them.

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