Dental Marketing Basics – Website Meta Information

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We’re going to start posting a series of informational posts and tips to help all dentists try to get the basics of online dental marketing set up properly.

Today’s post is pretty basic and easy to do but it’s also extremely important – the tip is :

Check your dental website meta information

So what is meta information ? Good question – an image should help explain

dental website meta information

Meta information is the information you see after you’ve searched for something but before you click to visit any given website. So this information is crucial if you want to encourage visitors to click and visit your website. Essentially it is your first chance to send a call to action to potential visitors so it’s a key starting point in your online offering.

Many, many clients are unaware that they have control over what appears as their meta information – you can, and you should,  write the meta content up for every page of your website and you should check it’s complete regularly. Here’s an excellent and detailed post on meta information.

Want to find out what the existing meta information is for all the pages of your dental website ?

  • Go to the address bar at the top of the computer screen
  • type in the following –
  • You should see a list of all your website pages in google’s index along with the meta information for each.
  • Make sure that all the meta information for each of your pages is accurate and complete – this is the first fundamental key in beginning to rank for certain dental search terms
  • in the image below we’ve typed in our own Deseo command  –

Give us a shout should you wish to discuss any aspect of your dental SEO or marketing .