Dental SEO Packages

There are two ways to do SEO and in many ways dentists have a similar choice  to their dental patients. You can choose to have a job done properly or you can go for the cheap option. If you are looking to do SEO for £5o per month then we are not the agency for you.   The reason is simple –  we do SEO properly.

If  you are serious about using SEO to get more cosmetic patients – then we are the dental SEO agency for you. If you want to rank at the top of Google and stay there then you need to invest in SEO for the long term – the same way you invest in the other revenue generating areas of your business.

Our bespoke packages start at £500 per month

The exact amount you need to invest in SEO depends on:

  1. The dental keyword terms you want to target i.e. “Dental implants in [city]”, “Invisalign in [city]
  2. How competitive your SEO pack is i.e. Are all the dental websites in your city also running SEO? If so then there will be more effort required to rank, conversely if not there will be less.
  3. What is the current (SEO) state of your site. I.e. Have you been subject to a Google penalty because of bad SEO in the past, is the site structured correct for SEO and do you have enough content to rank for the terms you are targeting.

Once we have assessed this (and this consultation is FREE) will we be able to provide you with a cost.

If you opt for a package from another so called dental SEO that offers Gold, Silver and Platinum services at fixed month costs without doing the research first then the chances are this will be automated by computer programs and run the very high chance of a penalty. Remember, pay peanuts – get monkeys.

Why you should talk to us today about SEO

  • We currently rank many clients for high value searches like “dental implants”, “veneers”, & “cosmetic dentist”
  • We have clients you can talk to, who will tell you how much revenue our service generates for them
  • We have clients who have been ranking for competitive search terms for years
  • We don’t believe in tying you in to contracts. We believe that if we deliver new patients to your practice then you will be happy to stay with us. Our only condition is that you give us one month’s notice should you ever decide to leave – much of our outreach work is paid for in advance and this allows us to give our partners notice of our intentions.
  • Finally, we often turn potential clients away because their existing website is too toxic from previous bad SEO practice. Please do not be offended if this happens – we simply don’t want to waste your money.

Listen to what our clients have to say