Dental Marketing New Year Resolutions

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As a new decade unfolds, why not be brave with your marketing resolutions in 2020 to make it as successful and profitable as possible. Here are our top five recommendations for your dental practice to consider.

Make exiting clients brand advocates

Pareto’s 80/20 Principle states that 80% of your new business will come from 20% of your existing patients. Nurture them, and they will reward you. Use social media regularly to keeping them updated on new treatments, incentives or achievements plus personal client notes, such as birthdays, appointment reminders or new treatment options. Remember, there is a balance between valued information and over-communicating, so create a content plan and stick to it.

Dress to impress

The front of your practice is a physical asset. Would you notice it if you walked or drove past it for the first time? Reconsider how you can get cut through from other buildings in your area to be noticed and make a first, lasting brand impression. Remember your practice is like a website – you can only see it for the first time once. Make it count!

Invest in expanding your brand awareness

At the same time, as investing in your clients as brand ambassadors, also invest in creating awareness among new potential audiences. Use the advanced targeting techniques of Facebook and Paid Search to serve high quality, well-written ads to demographics in your area by treatment type. Again tie these into your 2020 content plan.

Service with a smile!

When is the last time you did a mystery shopper on your practice? How quickly does reception answer the phone? Is it a friendly, engaging conversation or a short, sharp “hold the line please?”. The same is true of email – what does this say about your brand and first impression of your practice? If you haven’t done this. Do so. If it is good then make it better. If it is not then investing in training and create KPI’s for your staff to discuss at their personal reviews.


Assess your return on investment with this publication. Think to yourself – when is the last time you picked up Yell to find a new supplier? We would guess you didn’t. Yes, they may be throwing in some AdWords management for free, but is it a targeted strategy. Do you receive monthly reports that are tied into actual appointments? If not, then reconsider your strategy and contact a digital marketing agency like Deseo. We can advise on an integrated dental search strategy that gets you the high-value, cosmetic procedures that will grow your practice and profits.