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Let’s say you’ve invested in some proper SEO and you’re getting increased visitor numbers to your website.

First off –  Congratulations ! You’re half way to consistently increasing your dental client list.  But here’s a comment we at Deseo hear frequently : ” my website traffic has increased, but there’s no increase in my client list or practice income” .

This is where the idea of TLC comes into its own. You need to take some time out to Think Like a Client.

By this we mean, try and put yourself into the shoes of a potential client who has arrived on your website :  you need to become that visitor .

1. Visit your own website and try to view it as a potential client, arriving  for the first time.

Crucial question –  is there anything compelling on the site that makes you want to take action – are you tempted to pick up the phone, or use the “contact us” page ? If the honest answer to this question is “No” then you need to rethink what you’re presenting and offering to visitors as they land at your site.

A couple of points here:

1 . People like “FREE” !

It’s practically hard wired into us at birth !  BOGOF offers exist in supermarkets for a reason – people think they’re getting the second item for nothing, so they buy one to get one free .  Of course, the second item actually costs exactly half of the purchase price, but the psychology of the transaction involves the concept of “free” , which makes people take action ie purchase.

Grab a visitor’s attention quickly with some kind of “FREE” offer. A strong call to action button, situated prominently on the main landing pages, is an absolute must.  You need to check your competitors websites, checkout their FREE offers, and then you need to at least match or preferably beat those offers.

2. The Initial Contact – The Gatekeeper :

We call this next stage “The Gatekeeper” and it’s incredibly important.

The Gatekeeper is the first point of contact someone has with your dental practice .  Let’s say a visitor has landed on your website and they’ve reacted to a strong call to action offering a free consultation. They’ve taken the next step, picked up the phone, called your practice and they’re answered by “the Gatekeeper” ….

What do you want, as a potential client, when you phone a dental practice for the very first time ?  Our thoughts…

1. We want to speak to a polite, knowledgeable human being, NOT a robotic, uninterested, disengaged, false sounding employee. Let’s face it, this should be a pretty simple interaction – the client wants an appointment so give the client an appointment.

Are you as fed up as we are when phoning organisations to be greeted along these lines : ” Good Morning , Blah Blah Dental Clinic, you’re through to blah blah, how may I help you ?

It just sounds completely false, and you know the person doesn’t really mean it. The very first conversation with a potential new dental patient has started off badly .

Actually, all the potential client needs to know is that they’re through to the right number.  So don’t flannel them with bull****! Say “Good Morning, Glasgow Smile Clinic” – then let the client start the conversation properly. Simple and effective – the client controls the direction of the conversation from the start.

2. Listen to the Client – the Gatekeeper needs to be a good listener, note taker and conversationalist. When someone phones a dental practice, they’re already stressed. Despite what you may think, the vast majority of people do not like going to the dentist – it’s just a fact of life. So anything the Gatekeeper can do to make the process easier will pay dividends. A big part of that process is just listening  to the client- do they sound nervous, confused, defensive, agitated etc. A well trained Gatekeeper will be able to put a potential client at ease, impart advice and make them feel welcome.  That’s important.







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