How to get more dental reviews for your SEO

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How to get more dental reviews for your SEO

Reviews are the key to effective local search optimisation

Most dentists know that a happy patient tells others about their experience. The same is true of optimisation your local listing in Google. Positive online reviews not only assist with conversion of potential patients into paying patients but also improves ranking within local search results. A recent study suggest that review signals make up 9.8% of the Local Search Ranking Factors so it should be no surprise that every dentist should be looking to boost their reviews and harness their power of those.


What do the #1 thing dentists do you to boost online reviews?

Ask for the review

The number one strategy is the simplest – ask your satisfied dental patients. 61% say that they ask customers for a review. It’s the simplest way of generating reviews as long as it is done with courtesy and good timing then it can be a valuable strategy.

The importance should not be underestimate as nearly 9 in 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 39% do so on a regular basis. As the process of reading reviews before purchasing becomes more commonplace, so too does the practice of writing reviews or rating a company / service. The 2014 Consumer Review Survey shows that people are more regularly reading online reviews, which highlights the growing need for local businesses to not only attract more reviews but also to actively manage their online reputation.

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