2016 SEO Predictions

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The world of SEO moves pretty fast. Too many SEO professionals know that what passed as good practice a few yeas ago no longer cuts the mustard. Well 2015 was a busy year – we had the much talked about ‘Mobilegeddon’ Google, as well as updates and mysterious Panda tweaks  and the introduction of Rankbrain, Google’s machine learning technology.  So if you thought 2015 was interesting, what will 2016 hold for SEO?

1. Year of Mobile (again!)

If it seems like every year in SEO is the ‘Year of Mobile’ as every type of mobile device permeates our lives. With that it is even more important than ever your dental websites are perfectly optimised for user experience.

2. Siri starts to really come into its own

Voice search comes in hot on the heels of mobile search. Why ? – because the two naturally go hand in hand. Get your long-tail keywords at the ready as 2016 could be the year we see an increase in users simply directing their search queries to Siri, Google Now or Cortana to find what they’re looking for.

3. Local Search for Local People

In an increasingly global world, local SEO could be about to play an increasingly important role. Local results can offer refuge for dentists in an ocean of other results when it comes to getting new patients. Get ready for this one with the targeting of local keywords and by keeping your Google Maps info up to date.

4. Year of the App

When it comes to mobile, apps are once again beginning to take an increasingly prominent place in search results. The line has begun to blur between web and app with Google’s introduction of app streaming helping brands to drive app installs by allowing users to try their apps for 60 seconds before deciding whether or not to download.